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Overseas Sales.

I live outside the UK... Can I still buy from you?

Yes! We've decided to give in to popular demand and give you what you want!

The cost of carriage and being unable to honour warranties has, in the past, made it impractical for us to supply microwaves outside the UK, but we do still have loads of overseas customers for whom it still makes perfect sense to buy from us.

It is a little more complicated though, so here's what you'll need to think about before you ask us for a quote:
  1. Do you need a "door to door" service or can you collect your microwaves from your nearest airport? It could cost more than double for the "door to door" service.
  2. Model number and quantity of microwaves required.
  3. As you're outside the UK, all microwaves are supplied without a warranty.
  4. Microwaves can be supplied free of UK tax if you're outside the EU, and zero rated for VAT if you're part of the EU and are registered for VAT in your country.
  5. Payment must be in advance by bank transfer. Proforma invoice and back details will be supplied on receipt of order.
If you're happy with the conditions above, please email for a quote and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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